You’re a minxy lot aren’t you…

What do a Catholic church in Vienna, the seat of a snowmobile and an army dorm with 12 sleeping men in it?  Well apparently, they are just some of the places gay men have done the deed…

So we asked our readers where the most outrageous place they had ever had sex – and well, they didn’t hold back!

Spooky sex

What if the spooks are what you need to get your rocks off?

An old vacant terrace house in New House in Newtown Sydney. It was half falling down and had no stairs so we had to climb the building to get to the second floor and it was night time and super dangerous. Very haunted looking and dusty as all hell! – Davey


An Audience?

Some people just need an audience when they perform…

The former Commercial Union building in the city of London little realising until after the event, that about 30 in the next office block were looking. So I did a bow to the onlookers. Seeing as I was a dispatch rider at the time and it wouldn’t be me, having to face the everyday office workers the next day – Adam


Overlooking Myers Park in Auckland from the 8th floor balcony of the Amora hotel…. Was great.. 


On an airport commuter bus in South Korea, the bus was nearly full. I went to the airport to meet my ex who had been away for about three weeks. I couldn’t wait until we got home. We sat at the back of the bus. Never been so discreet in my life – Steve


Army barracks … in a room of 12 sleeping men, all were asleep … well maybe lol who knows  – Ian

Beach Bums


The beach is a popular place to get some sex done.

Weymouth beach all night just got back onboard at 0730 in the morning . What a night  – Tony


On rock face of The Roaches over looking the road – Chris



Beach in Tenerife.. 😕 – Kelly


In the sea believe it or not, just when the waters got hip deep. Word of advice is lube up before submersion 😏 – Sanad

A religious experience


Oh lord…

Bell tower of a Catholic church in Vienna – John


On the altar after midnight mass – Andy


In a Catholic Church – Rene


In a Bishop’s house, Well he was paying 😉 (this was when I was much younger of course) – Lee


Bonus points for Madge mention.


Backstage at a Madonna Concert –  Charlie

Public places

The rush of the unexpected…

In an exhibit at the transport museum in Covent Garden – Andrew


In a flower bed in front of a police station in Staines, Middlesex – Doug


In a photo booth, he sat on the stool, I sat on him – Simon

Just plain weird

But bravo!

On the back of a snowmobile in the Arctic! The ignition was off but the machine was swayin’  – Matthew

Up a tree, Me and bf decided to climb a tree in local park, climbed up to wide branch, wide enough to get down and dirty. (The) only splinter was his excuse for his manhood – Stevan