There are a couple of LGBT films in the Trans genre available from Amazon Prime.

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A Self-Made Man

At a crucial turning point in his life, Tony Ferriaolo’s inner voice said, “Create yourself.” This credo once saved his life and now serves as a guiding principle as he educates transgender youth, as well as their parents. Lori Petchers’ moving A Self-Made Man interweaves the poignant story of Ferraiolo’s personal transition with his life work as a transgender youth advocate.

Runtime: 56 minutes

Catalina: A New Kind Of Superhero

Ben is a rising star for a major corporate law firm. By day he wears smart business suits, at night he takes on a new persona – that of Catalina the Superhero Transvestite… The Darth Vader to this Lucy Skywalker hilarious Sci-fi comedy is, Killgarth The Negative, an alien war monger who has landed on Planet Earth and embarked on a vengeful journey to find Catalina.

Released: 2016

Length: 1 hr 34 mins

Amazon Prime Rating: ★1/2

TheGayUK Rating: (Not Rated)

Meet The Grimswalls

What do you do when you are two young hot transgenders with nothing to do on Halloween? You accepted an initiation to a private swingers ball. Clad only in lingerie eight strangers gather for a night of sex, drugs, booze and of course murder. Unknown to the attendees their separate fates are all entwined when more than one Serial Killer stalks the errie halls looking for bloody revenge.

Starring: Diana Smoot, Cythina Escobar, Jason Elkins
Runtime: 1 hour, 18 minutes
Release: 2016

Mob Queen


In an effort to gain favour, two low level gangsters hire a prostitute (Candis Cayne) for their boss’s birthday. But all turns quickly negative when the two discover that the beautiful hooker is actually a transvestite.

Starring: Candis Cayne, Tony Sirico, David Proval
Runtime: 1 hour, 25 minutes
Release: 1998
IMDB: 7.5/10

Myth Of Father

Myth of Father is a documentary about acceptance. Director Paul Hill’s father, Jodie, is a transsexual woman. Having been estranged from Hill for years, she came out to him as a woman, prompting Hill to start a journey of discovery.

Runtime: 52 minutes
Release: 2001

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Transparent Season 1

An Amazon Originals Series – When the Pfefferman family patriarch makes a dramatic admission, the entire family’s secrets start to spill out, and each of them spin in a different direction as they begin to figure out who they are going to become. Starring Jeffrey Tambor, Judith Light, Amy Landecker, Jay Duplass, and Gaby Hoffman.

Released: 2014

Length:  30 Mins

Netflix User Rating: ★★★★1/2

TheGayUK Rating: ★★★★★


Transparent Season 2

An Amazon Originals Series – Transparent returns with a big, white wedding – but is it really happily ever after for anyone? As their secrets surface, the Pfeffermans stumble but persevere, moving closer toward their authentic selves.

Released: 2015

Length: 30 mins

Netflix User Rating: ★★★★

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TheGayUK Rating: ★★★★★


Transparent Season 3

[New Season 23/9/16] The Emmy Award and Golden Globe-winning series TRANSPARENT returns for a third season. The Pfefferman family splinters into disparate journeys on their continued path of self-discovery. After a jarring reality check, Maura seeks to become the woman she envisions through gender confirmation surgery. All paths converge on a family cruise to Mexico, affirming that though their family history is murky, each Pfefferman is their truest self when they come together.

Released: 2016

Length: 30 mins

Netflix User Rating: ★★★★

TheGayUK Rating: ★★★★★

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