A week of heights and lows for this week as the girl’s praise and worship.

After a bit of a confusing mini-challenge (where non of the girls really gave a convincing enough argument for being let in backstage,) we quickly started at the big challenge of the week: Diva Worship.

Two teams (led by Nina West and Ra’Jah O’Hara) had to create their own religion based on a Diva and host a show based on this. So basically the idea is to do a parody of one of these religious TV shows even we in Europe can see if you own a working satellite.

Nina West’s team pretty much settle on Britney within minutes. It’s obvious why: her story and drama are fresh in everyone’s mind, but not so fresh it seems mean. Also, she has turned it around and survived so yes, a great target. Only Silky turns Sulky: she wanted to do Whitney. But her teammates all agree: doing her is not funny, as we all know how her story ended.
Still, the team seems solid and quite aware of all the Britney-isms out there. When Ru talks to them it’s clear she feels confident they will do well.

Okay, then team Ra’Jah O’Hara … Yeah … okay … After a lot of good suggestions, they settle on Mariah Carey claiming they know the most about her. Well, they don’t seem to know she isn’t Whitney Houston, as most of the songs and movies they mention during their challenge are hers.

Their talk to Ru should have made them aware they were on the wrong track. Not even realising the diva they could have used was Ru herself was even worse.

They were lucky someone had the sense to shoot down Diana Ross as the icon worshipped, they might all have been eliminated on the spot.

Team Nina West are absolutely flawless – with Nina herself and Miss Vanjie as the absolute standouts.

The only disappointment seems Silky as her energy seems rather low (for the second time in an acting challenge.)

Poor team O’Hara. The only knowledge they have of Mariah seems to be two titles and the things Ru told them five minutes ago. It’s.just.a.mess. It might be the worst acting challenge in herstory. Poor Ross Mathews looked beyond relieved when it was over and advised the girls to do well on the catwalk.

Next thing we know we’re presented with one of the oddest of dressing room sections where Vanjie and Brooke Lynn cuddle up and kiss each other on the mouth (could this be the first Drag Race romance?!!) Yvie paints every bit of her body pink – yes EVERY bit!!

And … non of the girl’s bar Silky seem aware of what being Muslim is? That is really odd. Poor Mercedes (the first Muslim contestant on the show) seemed to not want to discuss it anyway, so maybe it’s best just left alone.

Que the Runway. Both Ru and Michelle Visage look amazing this week!!

Then the catwalk walk begins!

Category is: Fringe!!

Several stand out looks and overall high quality (though still Yvie, you really didn’t have to paint all of that, we never saw it!!)

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Within seconds team Nina West Team has won, with Nina the leader who ruled with conviction crowned this weeks winner.

(Que Untucked where Silky threw a tantrum because her team had … won? She then claimed the only reason she hadn’t won this challenge herself was she held back because of her religion. The rest of them soon called her out saying she was only sulking because it hadn’t been about Whitney. They were right.

Then, after some fighting Silky bizarrely decided to tear off most of her clothes saying she’d been ready to lipsync for her life: Erm, Silky, your team WON!! The unflinching stoic response of the rest of the girls – especially Yvie was absolute art.)

Meanwhile, onstage all girls are judged and all blame their entire group. No-one is thrown under the bus.
This is good.
But …
You can see how the surprisingly low energy responses and lack of knowledge of the group as a whole frustrate Ru. You cannot be a Queen without a drive and at least some knowledge of LGBTQ+ icons and history.
Even when she listed a list of people they could have done there was never an “aha” moment.
This is odd.

There was only one person who had an excuse for not being completely informed about Pop-culture.

My heart went out to Plastique Tiara during this entire episode and Untucked, she seemed so lost and quiet. No-one seemed to believe her when she talked about not being aware of pop culture. But yes, it can happen in the environment she grew up in.


But she was the only one and as Ru said: the others should have helped her. But they clearly couldn’t even help themselves.

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Back onstage: Ru is done and all the team is up for eviction. Which … O.M.G.
For a second it looked like Ru’s House for Drag Toddles with the bizarre antics that went on on the stage. The look on Ru’s face watching it all should be gif-ed to eternity.
Thankfully it’s over soon.

Poor Honey Davenport, you see how much it means to her and you feel her pain when her death-drop from stage turns … well, out wrong. Still, she is sent away and the scene in her Untucked leaving video is beyond heartbreaking.

A sad end to a very confusing episode.

About the author: Dannii Cohen

Dannii Cohen is a stand-up comedian (drag name Divine Varod) and comedy writer turned author, psychologist, professional counselor, life coach and self-help expert. Specialized in LGBT issues, anxiety, empowerment, children's issues and bullying.

Published works include children's books about childhood depression and the importance of being yourself (When Clouds Hide The Sun and Christopher the Lonely Bear) and an easy to use self help manual 50 Things To Know To Have A Better Life: Self-Improvement Made Easy.