★★★★★ | Red Dwarf XI, Episode 2

The second episode of Red Dwarf XI (Tonight on Dave at 9PM) is quite different from last weeks fast paced affair.

Red Dwarf XI / DAVE TV
Red Dwarf XI / DAVE TV

After a brief domestic spat between space couple Rimmer (Chris Barrie) and Lister (Craig Charles) the gang are called together when Kryten (Robert Llewellyn) and Cat (Danny John-Jules) discover a mysterious escape pod.

Soon the foursome find themselves on board of a derelict space ship to investigate a mystery.

Slower and with and with an interesting flashback counterpoint this is another great episode. It is interesting how writer and director Doug Naylor manages to make the series look both familiar and modern at the same time.

What also helps this series is that there are still so many aspects of the relationships between the characters that can be explored.

Guest starring: Maggie Service and Dan Tetsell