UK based Vlogger Georgie, 16, has officially come out on YouTube on his one year anniversary of Vlogging in a video called simply, Coming Out.

During his 12-minute video, Georgie talks about his experience of coming out at school and the bullying he was subjected to. His torments were so bad after the news spread around his school, he said he had to get changed for PE/gym class, at a separate time from the rest of his male classmates and had to be escorted to the changing rooms by a teacher.

He posted the video along with this message:


“This video is in honor(sic) of my Channelversary, some of you may’ve known and some not. This was a very hard video for me to post, I’m not sad in this because I can now say that i’m happy and confident with who I am, I hope this helps some of you who are going through the same thing or something similar, just remember that you’re never alone. I hope you still support me, love you always x”

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