One of the hottest things online these days is the hit web series My Gay Roommate that follows the life of Nick a young gay man as he navigates his move into adulthood.

Now in its third season, the series has already followed him during his first year in college with his straight roommate James, and started with Nick losing his virginity and finding the joys of Grindr. In the second season the story line followed Nick and his hilarious exploits spending a summer vacation at home with his family.

In the latest season that started recently, Nick decides to take some time off from studying and hot-footing it to New York, and searching for a new straight roommate too. What’s refreshing about this whole series is that co-creators Austin Bening and Noam Ash who based it on their own experiences, they made sure that this wasn’t just another clichéd situation about a gay man developing a crush on the straight man, or the hetro deciding that he is really a homo. Its simply about a very genuine friendship between these two boys who have very different tastes when it comes to falling in love.

Last week’s final episode in the present season was probably the hottest to date. Titled “Coital Logistics,” it deals with some issues in the bedroom between Nick and his cowboy lover… and who better to help remedy these ‘problems’ than gay porn star Levi Michaels who provides a cameo as well as some expert advice on being a power bottom. Things naturally don’t go as planned but it makes for great viewing and more than a few laughs.

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Here it is, and we guarantee after viewing it you want to check out YouTube for all the previous episodes