A brand new site has launched to help people come up with an alternative to saying “That’s So Gay…”

According to a recent survey by YouGov for Stonewall, one in five people are still making offensive remarks about LGBTs and one of those offensive terms is … that’s so gay… especially when gay means rubbish.



A statement from gayrefresh.com says,

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“The word ‘gay’ has for too long been used colloquially to mean something is wrong or bad. It is time we all trained the phrase ‘that’s so gay’ out of our brains.


“GayRefresh.com is a website that when refreshed gives a new word or phrase to say instead. Sharing the millions of other ways to express our frustration and annoyance without offending a whole section of society. There’s also the option to suggest your own ‘that’s so…’ to say instead.”

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