X Factor favourite not only has us seeing stars but now double…

Matt Terry
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So when Matt Terry was first introduced as a contestant on this year’s series of X Factor, the internet collectively sighed a long breath of ecstasy and remarked that he had a hint of a former X Factor contestant… they said how much he looked like One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. Indeed he did have a passing resemblance.

Now Matt’s managed to break the net by uploading a picture onto Instagram with the two singers together! Despite only being up for 8 hours (at time of publish) the photo has already received 35,000 likes



The picture has been, understandably, getting fans very steamy indeed. One wrote:”THIS IS THE PICTURE IVE BEEN WAITING FOR!! THEY LOOK SO ALIKE!!” Notice the all-caps – they totally meant it.

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Another remarked, “Omg u 2 look like twins” whilst another added “Wow this is mental you r like twins!”


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