From boy band beauty to BLUE HAIRED, g-string wear glam rocker.

Do you remember No Authority? They were a boy band that sound a bit like O-Town who sounded a bit like Nsync, who sounded a bit like Back Street Boys. They had a catchy little ditty with Can I Get Your Number, … Well, one of the lads, Ricky, has now come out on his own and has basically ripped up the boy band image and slapped it around stupidly, until it begged to be put down.



With a totally new glammed looked and wearing what looks to be a g-string, Ricky Rebel releases his solo singleStar.

“If you want something, you have to shout out loud to the world what you want,”

says Ricky Rebel.

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“Dreams locked inside will never become real. That’s why I’m not afraid to proclaim that I am a star. It’s what I desire and it’s who I am.”


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By the way he Vogues. Yes he Vogues. Enough said. Go watch.

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