William Baker

In an interview with THEGAYUK creative director William Baker spoke about how some labels are driving him mad.

William Baker
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Speaking frankly, the genius behind Kylie’s look, William Baker said that the preoccupation in the dating app age with who is bottom and top was really bad for us.

He told THEGAYUK.com

“I just have this thing about labels, I just think they’re so bad.

“It’s like this whole top and bottom thing. Who the f*ck?

“It drives me mad”.

Talking more generally about dating and sexual role preference the author and creative director said “surely it just depends” on the situation and the person.


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Speaking about his latest project Book of Igor, a photo book of beautiful, thoughtful photos of a 20-year-old man called Igor, whom he found on Instagram, the conversation turned to age and ageism.

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“Such a big part of doing the book was how I felt. I can say this now, from a distance about how I felt as a gay man at 40. It’s so funny that you literally just become invisible overnight.

“Probably to the wrong people…”

The book, which was released in December, explores the beauty of youth through a series of candid shots of William’s muse, Igor. William followed Igor, who identifies as heterosexual, for over a year, forming a strong friendship with the 20-year-old, but also found an even stronger love from behind the lens.

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