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How do I embed a Twitter or Instagram image?

So you want to embed an Instagram image or Twitter image…Luckily this is super easy to do. Simply grab the URL of the image and copy it.

Then you paste into the content box.

Make sure you’ve copied the image’s unique URL and not the URL of the account…

It should automatically appear.

Please ensure that the picture does not break any of our community guidelines.


Where do I get images for my post from?

Images speak a thousand words and they’re so important…

But you can get into some serious trouble if you don’t get images right. So here’s a lesson.

Your own images.

If you own the image (that means you took the picture with your own camera), by uploading it to our server you agree that THEGAYUK may use the image on its sites, including the App and via its social media. You also agree that the image can be used to promote your article.

The best places to find royalty-free images.


Pixabay offers beautiful images that do not need attribution. (but we always do, just in case)


These means that the photographer or copyright owner is happy for the image to be used. Please take a note of the Photographer’s name and the Flickr URL of the photographer.
Credit must read: Photo Credit: Name Of Photographer, Via Flickr


Another great resource for Creative Common Licensed pictures is Wikipedia – especially good if you’re wanting to get a current picture of a celebrity. Again please take note of the photographer’s name and include it in your submission. Credit must read: Photo Credit: Name Of Photographer, via Wikipedia

Other places to find images.

Getty Images

Getty now allows users to embed certain images on to websites. We cannot own them or download them, but they can be embedded. You should see the Getty images tab on the ADD A NEW POST page. Click there and start your search of millions of images.


If you want to add a little gif to your article, there’s a way to easily add them to your article. In the edit area, you’ll find the giphy icon. Click on it to add from thousands of pre-uploaded pictures.

You can also utilise images that Twitter users upload, but only if the images are theirs. If a fan of One Direction uploads a picture that they have taken we can use it or embed it, however, if they are just reposting an already famous picture – we cannot.

Twitter or Instagram is a great resource to get pictures of celebrities – but only if said celebrity uploaded the picture themselves – and they own it. We do not host these images they must be embedded. Find out how to embed a Twitter or Instagram image here.

Promotional Images
With Theatre, Film or Music reviews, we are usually given a selection of images. Please send all of these to the editorial team for review. Please include any credits mentioned to you with regards to the images.

Please note that uploading pictures to our site you are acknowledging and agreeing to our terms of service.


How do I add a picture to the front page?

Depending on your access level you may or may not have the ability to add a featured picture. If you don’t have access, editorial will set it for you and you don’t need to worry about this. If you do have access to upload pictures, simply scroll down the edit page until you see “Featured image” on the right-hand side of the window. Click “Set featured image” and choose from our library of pictures. If you have uploaded a picture you can use it here.