You know you get a bit horny and so you go for a looky-loo on Grindr – well this YouTuber had an unexpected surprise during his hook up.


YouTuber Charles Gross, 21, in New York was in for a surprise when he hooked up with a “Daddy”.

After entering his beau’s bedroom, which was solely lit by an electronic photo frame they began to have sex – which Charles explains wasn’t particularly great – so he began to look at the pictures on the frame as they scrolled through. As the man beneath him continued to grown and growl in a very porny way… something popped up which Charles wasn’t expecting to see!

So what was it?

The DILF and his wife and kids turned up on the screen.


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Now before his mind ran to conclusions -Charles works out that perhaps his DILF had been married, had kids and then separated…

However he was to get a major surprise… when…

The man’s wife and the man’s children WALK IN ON THEM whilst they were having sex!

“He clenched… he clenched so tight”, Charles explains.

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Have a listen to what happened next!

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