Zachary Quinto And Jonathan Groff Call It A Day

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton reports that Hollywood A-Lister and his boyfriend, Jonathan Groff have split.

Writing on, Perez wrote:

‘It has been confirmed to us exclusively that lovebirds Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff are no longer seeking snuggle-time in each other’s arms. Sources have come forward to share that the pair have recently split, after nearly a year of being longingly in love.

But here’s where things take a turn for the worst…

Our source adds that things did “not end well” between Zach and Jon, making things far from amiable between them.’


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Zachary Quinto, is most famous for his role as Spock in the latest Star Trek movies as well as starring in the hit fantasy drama Heroes.

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Quinto, 36, came out as gay in in October 2011.

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