Here they are… the 12 campest moments from X Factor

Another chance for the weird and wonderful to grace our TV screens with glittery performances and outrageous outfits. There has been many a camp moment over the years and this year will no different. Now we take a look back at some of the great, and not so great contestants and their camp moments during the last 12 years.


Chico (Series 2, 2005)


It’s Chico time…You can’t have a camp list without Chico and his time. So naturally his campest moment is Chico Time from week 6. But it comes to something when you can’t even beat the dull as dishwater Andy Abraham who finished second eventually.

Same Difference (Series 4, 2007)


Well what can one say about the eternally smiling, incredibly close, brother and sister duo Same Difference, who every week the viewers had to be reminded were brother and sister. Their constantly upbeat and sparkly performances really puts them in the camp category, but I would have to say their campest moment would be the performance of “Blame it on the Boogie”.

Rhydian Roberts (Series 4, 2007)


Rhydian with his jawline that could carve a steak, how do I best describe him? Well his shock of white blond hair made him stand out every week and his operatic style voice propelled him into second place that year to eventually lose to Leon Jackson. He was larger than life and put on quite the show every week. However his campest moment came in week 5 of the live shows when dressed as a sailor he sang The Pet Shop boys classic “Go West”.

Alexandra Burke & Beyonce (Series 5, 2008)


Not exactly a camp moment in itself, but it got all the gays moist with excitement when Alexandra Burke started singing “Listen” by Beyonce, and low & behold the lady herself glided effortlessly on stage and completely stole the show with her powerful vocals that helped Alexandra win the whole series.

John & Edward Grimes AKA Jedward (Series 6, 2009)


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Oh Jedward, you distressingly annoying pair of idiots. From the word go with their hybrid American/Irish accent I knew I would hate them and every week I willed them to not make it any further. Jedward started the trend of having at least one “entertaining” contestant rather than actual talent. Their vocals harmed TV speakers over the whole country and while it’s difficult to pick a best camp moment out of the many they decided to inflict us with, I’m going to have to go with their dreadful, red PVC suit wearing rendition of “Oops I Did it Again”.

Diva Fever (Series 7, 2010)


If gay was personified, it would be Diva Fever, who didn’t exactly sing a whole lot. The public were never entirely sure if they were watching a singing act or a dressage performance. They only managed to survive 2 weeks in the live shows but they certainly left an impression with their high camp moments from the auditions through to the live shows.


Katie Waissel (Series 7, 2010)


Song destroying Katie Waissel, who many people think didn’t deserve her place because she rarely made it through a full song during the auditions, managed to outdo herself in the camp factor during week 4 of the live shows. Dressed in a birds nest on her head and bright white eyelashes, along with dancers with inflatable pumpkins she mutilated the theme song to “Bewitched”.

Wagner (Series 7, 2010)

I can’t pick one camp moment from Wagner because he did so many hilarious mash-ups of various camp classics. Trouble was, he took himself seriously and thought he was amazing while the rest of the country didn’t. He managed to cause controversy when he described Cheryl as “A girl from a council estate who got lucky” and not long after he was booted from the competition after a series of rants about the show

Johnny Robinson (Series 8, 2011)


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A Kylie Minogue classic, a kimono and a fan that threatened to upstage him, made for the campest moment of this series with Johnny Robinson singing “Can’t Get You Out of my Head”. No other contestant could’ve pulled this off quite like Johnny did, so it made quite the interesting performance.

Rylan Clark (Series 9, 2012)


Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, why did you do this to us and inflict Rylan upon the world. The perma-tanned, TOWIE wannabe who cried in a very scary way was forced upon us, despite his obvious absence of talent. And most weeks he was there, he murdered camp classics but managed to survive to come 5th. But the controversial deadlock decision by Louis Walsh in week one against the slightly boring yet more talented Carolynne Poole made people start to openly question the validity of the show.

Stevi Ritchie (Series 11, 2014)

This time it’s Simon Cowell’s fault. Stevi Ritchie was the one who looked like the creepy, friend of the family who you were forced to call “uncle”. He certainly tried his best each week despite his lack of vocal ability, and his campest moment had to be the strangely Egyptian themed version of “I’m Still Standing”.

Seann Miley Moore (Series 12, 2015)


Anyone who comes on stage in high heeled boots, a fur jacket and a see-through top has to be a camp moment. Singing The Show Must Go On, he does have a good singing voice, and might actually break the curse of being the irritating “entertaining” one and actually be talented instead. We’ll just have to see if he makes it through to the live shows.
About the author: Andy Griffiths
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