Pride season lasts quite a long time in the UK, the first is in February and the final one is in December – so it can be tricky to know what to bring to a pride.

Here’s our quick survival guide to pride, what you should bring and what should definitely keep at home.

With hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people visiting one of over 180 prides across the UK it’s a good idea to go prepared. Pride events can often be crowded, expensive and outdoors so here are our top 12 tips on how to survive pride.

1) Raincoat

CREDIT: chalabala / bigstock
CREDIT: chalabala / bigstock

Pack a raincoat. I know it’s not sexy – make it a Vivienne Westwood if you have to, but the British weather can not be relied upon to be good, as some of the UK’s LGBT+ prides happen in February and some in December you might want to keep warm. These LGBT+ woolly winter hats with a little pride flag embroidered on them are super cute.

Alternatively, you may want to keep the sun off your head during the height of summer with a unique LGBTQ+ pride hat. Wearing a hat can be key to staving off heat stroke and getting a sunburned head.

Or you can wear a hat with an umbrella, which serves two purposes in case of a sudden summer downpour.


2) Battery Powerpack

Smartphones are amazing at capturing the moment whether it’s through pictures, face time or you being able to update your social about who’s doing who. The only problem is the battery never lasts long enough. So grab a power source.

3) Medication

Don't forget to take your medications to Pride... just in case

Only the legal sort. Take painkillers. Nothing kills the moment more than a stinking hideous headache caused by whatever this year’s headliner is supposed to be. Also, take any meds you take on a daily basis. Take a 24-hour supply – just in case you don’t go back to yours. If you’re on PrEP then it’d be a good idea to take a supply with you, at least four pills, particularly if you’re on an “as and when” regime.

4) Secret Tenner


Stuff it in your pants, your socks or secret it away somewhere else. You’ll never know when it might come in handy.

5) Uber

If you find yourself in a place you don’t know summon an Uber cab. If your area doesn’t yet have Uber then make sure you know the local cab firm’s telephone number or download their app. Make sure you have enough battery on your phone to make that call or fire up the taxi app.

6) Sun protection

Despite the fact that it’s overcast you can still get burnt to buggery so make sure you wear sunblock. If you’re looking for a sunblock that doesn’t go all white and sticky so you look like a sweaty pig – we suggest Image Skincare Prevention + daily matt moisturiser – expensive but well worth the extra.

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7) Condoms and lube

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You might get lucky so bring some protection and you might even get lucky with more than one person so bring lots.

If you don’t use them – share them with your mates – make sure they’re protected too and don’t forget lube. You can buy travel-size lubes like this Prowler CUM lube which makes it easy to transport around.

8) Spare undies

CREDIT ©-Artmim Depositphotos
CREDIT ©-Artmim Depositphotos

If you end up at someone else’s place you might want to bring a spare pair of undies – you know so the walk of shame isn’t so Ewwww. THEGAYSHOP has some sexy options. The only question is will you go for a brief, jockstap, thong or trunk?

9) Antibacterial lotion


The last thing you want to do is pick up a bug from one of the many thousands of people who will attend pride, so pick up some anti-bacterial lotion. Many of the portaloos provided at pride will also have anti-bacterial handwash for free.

10) Earplugs

Protect your eardrums. Sounds from the stage could damage your hearing – with noises louder than a Jumbo Jet taking off. If earplugs aren’t your thing then maybe take a break from the stage area every so often to give your hearing a break.

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11) Put your credit and debit cards on your phone

Lose your wallet? Not to worry (too much) if you’ve put your credit and debit card’s details into your phone’s wallet then you can still you contactless payments, meaning you’ll still be able to access your money.

12 Wear Rainbows – Suitable attire

Okay, this one is not strictly necessary, but hey, when else are you going to get to wear a rainbow blazer or jacket, or when else can you wear rainbow hot pants without everyone thinking how inappropriate it is? Pride is a day when and where you should feel free to wear whatever it is that you want and feel comfortable in. Plus it’s super cute when the high street becomes awash with rainbows… Show your pride hun!

For further reading take a look at Antony Simpson’s Pride Survival article.


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