Day: 24 October 2014

  • From Porn To Movies, Frankie Is Off To Hollywood

    Frankie Valenti aka Johnny Hazard is the latest gay porn star to go legit and act in a movie where he keeps his clothes on (nearly) the entire time. It won’t win him any Oscars but is should get him more roles in independent movies such as this as he has more talent than just […]

  • THEATRE REVIEW | The Curing Room

    ★★★★ | The Curing Room “It made the recent Globe production of Titus Andronicus look like a teddy bear’s picnic!” And indeed over 90 minutes we had been subjected to a deluge of blood, guts and gore, couple with full frontal male nudity the likes of which I have never seen before on the stage. […]

  • FILM REVIEW | The Last Impresario

    ★★★★ | The Last Impresario Gracie Otto’s affectionate documentary on the charismatic and adventurous English theatre and film producer Michael White is a movie long overdue. Despite his enormous contribution in a prolific career that spanned three decades he is as Anna Wintour succinctly put it, ‘the most famous person that you’ve never heard’. Ms […]

  • The Sexiest Religious Video… Ever

    Andrew Christian releases racy religious themed underwear video… VIDEO: FORGIVE ME, FATHER MUSIC: “TIME4HIGH” By New Vision Recordings/Poisonflow/Rareform/Urban Sickness Audio/ Getty Music MODELS:Designer Andrew Christian, Rocky Santos, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Cory Zwierzynski, Pablo Hernandez ALSO FEATURING: Steven Andrade, Kevin Benoit, Luis Gonzalez And Jonny Manzanares (Our Champion Pole Dancer…Yep…They Have Competitions For This) Our […]

  • 17-Year-Old Boy Raped By Two Men In Manchester Park, E-Fits Released

    Manchester Police are calling for witnesses and information with regards to a brutal rape of a 17-year-old boy in a Salford Park in Manchester. The 17-year-old unnamed victim was attacked by two men as he walked through Buille Hill Park, Eccles between 12:10 Am and 12:42AM on Wednesday 8th October. The police have released e-fits […]