Day: 30 November 2014

  • REVIEW | Transparent

    ★★★★★ | Transparent After Netflix’s phenomenal success creating original content for its streaming service with two Award winning television series, now Amazon has also stepped into the area which was once the sole territory of network and cable television with the launch of Transparent its very first own series. If you haven’t caught it yet […]

  • Coco Has Advice For You – Lose Weight And Wear Lippy

    Have you got the Sunday blues and feel like you have made poor choices in your life?

  • This Not A Lecture About Safe Sex

    It would be easy to preach. At the time of writing this (late November 2014), I’m a man in my early 40’s and as of my last test roughly 3 months ago, I’m HIV negative. So well done me. Do please bear with while I heartily congratulate myself and launch into an impassioned yet slightly […]