Whether he’s a Clean Shaven Chap, Dapper Dad, Craft Beer Aficionado (we tried to make his trips to the local sound classy) or a Fair Weathered Fella. Here at The Gay UK, we’ve got you covered with everything you need for Father’s Day.

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With just under a week to go, you better get shopping fellas!

For the Clean Shaven Chap

If your old man prefers to be all clean shaven and squeaky clean, then you can’t really go wrong with Bulldog’s Original Bamboo Razor (£8.00). Like their skincare products, this razor is a no-fuss and high-quality product. Ensuring your old man has that clean-shaven feeling, that he knows and loves all year round.

Best of all, it’s great for the environment! With recycled packaging, un-chromed blades and a bamboo handle. It’s a gift you can feel great about giving. Pair it with their Original Shave Oil and an extra pack of their Original Steel Blades, if he’s been extra good this year. Nice and easy way to make Dad more eco-conscious!

Available at: bulldogskincare.com

For the Dapper Dad

He may be getting older but he’s still a bit of a style icon, well at least to his mates down the pub. If your dad is more dapper than naff in the style department, we recommend getting him a staple with a difference. In come Happy Socks, the sock and underwear brand, that you’ve just got to love. We personally recommend one of the Father’s Day Gift boxes. Our personal favourite though is definitely the one below. At £29.95, we think it sums up our childhoods perfectly. Dad trying to teach us to play sports (he didn’t realise we were watching football for the boys), telling us off for doing what we personally thought was totally acceptable and showing him love. Make sure to grab these quick though, they’re selling out fast!

Available at: happysocks.com

For the Craft Beer Aficionado

This is definitely one for the majority of our dads. The man who frequents his local and figures himself, a bit of a craft beer aficionado. Well, luckily Gosnells are on hand once again, to help push him in the right direction. Forget your IPA pops, it’s time to try the mead! Now all of their meads, are pretty much incredible but for this Father’s Day, we recommend getting him the Hopped Mead (£12.50) to try. Citrus, honey and hops, help create a new dimension to this London favourite and will surely make him a Mead Maestro in no time. Plus it’ll be easier for him to explain to his friends down the local after!

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Available at: gosnells.co.uk

For the Fair Weathered Fella

Now it’s safe to say dad has been through a lot in his life and he is becoming a bit of a fair weathered fella. So what better gift to give, than his youth back? Well at least in terms of his skin. Skincare for the older gentleman is a bit different, as our skincare needs change with age but the principles are the same. A good cleansing, treatment and moisturising routine, will undoubtedly knock years off his appearance in a matter of months. Now we’re not promising to work miracles here but if your dad is anything like mine, his skincare routine before involved bar soap and water. So we can’t do anything but improve it here.

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To make everything as simple as possible, we recommend The Ordinary for this one. Start with their Squalene Cleanser (£5.50) to gently cleanse the face, hit his skin up in the evening with their Granactive Retinoid 5% in Squalane (£11.90) to reduce signs of ageing without irritation and then lock all that goodness in with their Natural Moisturising Factors + HA (£4.90). Simple and he will be thanking you for years to come!

Available at: theordinary.com

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