Max Bowden is the new actor who plays EastEnders' Ben Mitchell, son of hard man alcoholic Phil Mitchell, but what do we know about the actor?

Max Bowden is the new actor who plays EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell, son of hard man alcoholic Phil Mitchell, but what do we know about the actor?

Here’s 8 things you probably didn’t know about Max Bowden.

Max Bowden, Is He Gay, Bisexual or Straight

No it doesn’t look as though Max identifies as gay or bisexual. In fact, it doesn’t seem as though he’s ever mentioned his love life in public.

Does Max Bowden have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

We don’t know this just yet but will look into it and update this page when that information becomes available.

What colour eyes does Max have?

He has blue eyes

How Tall is Max?

Max stands at 5 foot 9, just one inch shorter than the previous Ben Mitchell

Does Max have any special talents?

Well according to sources, Max is brilliant at accents and has mastered several including, American-New York, American-Standard, Cockney, Dublin, Essex, Estuary English, Geordie, Heightened RP, Irish-Southern, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and general Northern.

He’s also a great dancer and singer to boot – and is apparently highly skilled at Tap Dancing.

What other shows has Max Bowden been in?

Max is no stranger to TV or stage. He’s appeared in numerous TV shows, Casualty, Doctors and Waterloo Road, for which he was in 20 episodes. As for stage work in 2016 he starred in the London version of the LGBT+ musical, Elegies for Angels, Punks and Raging Queens. He also played Billy in Billy Elliot in 2009

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Deleted tweets?

Max is on Twitter and according to his account he’s had an account since 2009, however only has 44 tweets as of 21st January, but over 23,000 fans – and there are signs that he’s been in conversations which other users which no longer appear… so where are the rest of them?

What’s Max Bowden’s Net Worth?

As a relative newcomer to TV actor Max Bowden’s net worth won’t be that large. It is likely that he’ll less than £150,000 per year for his role on EastEnders. There are only a few actors who have managed to reach that pay scale – and they are much more established stars.


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