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Guys all over are getting their lips filled … but there are eight things you need to be aware of before getting your pillows plumped.

Worryingly, anyone can buy hyaluronic acid gel and inject it into someone’s lips.

This is because there are no laws in the UK that regulate people who carry out non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as lip fillers. The Professional Standards Authority runs a Government-backed programme called Accredited Registers which lists trusty professionals that treat their patients safely.

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1. We suggest everyone always chooses a safe practitioner from one of our Accredited Registers – http://www.professionalstandards.org.uk/find-practitioners/practitioner/non-surgical-cosmetic-practitioners 

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2. Professionals should ask for the patients’ age, full medical history and discuss all risks before agreeing an injection.
3. Nobody should pressure a patient into having lip fillers done there and then. Patients need time before making a decision.
4. Ask for copies of before and after photographs. It’s a good idea to have photos of the patients smiling and frowning, too.
5. Patients should note down which hyaluronic acid product is being used for their lip fillers as well as the clinician’s name.
6. Patients should ask the person giving them lip fillers to show them the hyaluronic acid in its unopened packaging, before injection.
7. There should be no problems in booking a follow-up and asking about treatment of any complications, if they occur.
8. Never agree to have lip fillers done at homes, at ‘parties’ or exhibitions, or in places that aren’t clean & clinical.

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