Lady Colin Campbell has been getting a lot of airtime on this year’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here but just who is Lady C?

1) Mistakenly Lady C was raised as a boy by her family. A “cosmetic malformation” of the genitals (fused labia and a deformed clitoris) wrongly led the doctors to misgender her. She has written at length about her struggles of being raised male when she was physically female.

2) She was given the name George William Ziadie but changed her name to Georgia. When she turned 21 she had surgery with money given to her by her grandmother. Speaking about the surgery she said, “No one, ever faced the knife more eagerly than I. You would have thought I was going on a wonderful cruise – which, in a way, I suppose I was.” She was given a new birth certificate and officially became Georgia Arianna.

3) Georgia successfully sued a number of publications who claimed that she was born a boy.

4) If you’re wondering why she’s called Lady Colin Campbell it’s because she’s kept her ex-husband’s name, Lord Colin Campbell. The pair married after just 5 days in 1974. She left him after 9 months citing abuse and the couple divorced after 14 months. She still uses her married name.

5) She was born in 1949 in St Andrew, Jamaica to the prominent Ziadlie family. She has described them as going from being “revered to reviled to treasured as exotica”

6) Perhaps one of her most notable achievements is her biography on Princess Diana, which was released in 1992.

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7) She wants to lose a stone whilst she’s in the jungle. She revealed, “Rice and beans are fine asI will be perfectly happy to lose weight!”

8) She has no ambition to win, she said, “my life is not going to change whether I win or whether I am booted out first.

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9) Lady Colin Campbell is currently single and she’s definitely not looking for love in the jungle.

10) Katie Hopkins is a fan. In a recent tweet Hopkins said that when she grew up she’d like to be just like Lady C. Now there’s a fan to be proud of.

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