Well what an explosive night of Eurovision 2012.

The costumes, the lights, the glitter, the bad hair – and that was just us.

Worthy winners Sweden took home the top gong with her song Euphoria which topped the board with a whopping 372 point having picked up 18 maximum 12 point scores in the voting from 42 countries which had originally sent entries to the 2012 Eurovision.

Albania, Azerbaijan, Serbia, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Russia, Spain and Turkey also attracted the maximum score with Russia coming second overall in the competition with 259 points.

The UK came a very disappointing 2nd from last, with UK entry Engelbert Humperdinck failing to stand out from the crowd and receiving just 12 points. Other casualties of the evening included Jedward who came 19th and could not match last year’s eighth place.

We’ve put together our own award system and TheGayUK would like to award the following priceless titles:
Our Turkey Of The Year Award goes to:

Albania – Rona Nishliu with Suus –

please never, never sing live on TV again.


Our Powerbottom Of The Year Award goes to:

Norway – Tooji with Stay –

We’re sure we’ve seen him on a reputable ManOnMan “entertainment” website


Our What The Eff Where You Thinking Award goes to:

Turkey – Can Bonomo with Love Me Back.

Totally looks like he’d steal your wallet after a One Night Stand. Dirty. Abused. Yum.

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Our You Are On Crack Award goes to:

Russia – Buranovskiye Babushki with Party for Everybody

Don’t trust the little old ladies. Take note from Hansel and Gretel


Our Way Up Passed Your Bedtime Award goes to:

The Hump.

Sorry but staying up all hours and hanging with da kids isn’t doing your complexion any good.

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Our GayHit Goes to:

Greece – Eleftheria Eleftheriou”Aphrodisiac”

La la la … Gay Hit. Enuff Said.



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