Another horrifying set of pictures have been released reportedly showing a man being thrown off a tall building after being found guilty of being gay.

The chilling pictures show a man, with his eyes covered being thrown of a building by IS militants, after being accused of being gay. However after falling at least seven floors, the man, who does not die, is savagely stoned by the crowd waiting at the bottom. The pictures, which are hosted on LiveLeak, have been labelled as being from Syria.


Last month two men were thrown off a tall being in Iraq after being found guilty of being gay. The two were thrown from a tower in Nineveh, Iraq, in the latest way of horrifying executives by ISIS. Nineveh is an ancient northern city on the eastern bank if the Tigris river.

Moments later the man can be seen in the centre of a circle of people who are hurling rocks and stones at him. The news demonstrates the escalating danger to LGBT people in ISIS strong-holds.

The images show that ISIS militants are heightening their attack on gay men or those suspected of being gay.


The accused man is seen propped up by a man with a walkie-talkie and his entire face has been covered.

After the man landed on the ground, he can be seen being propped up by a fighter wearing army fatigues with a portable radio. The next series of pictures show the man having stones and rocks thrown at him, by a crowd that circle him. It appears that his entire face has been covered.

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