The iPhone 5 was unveiled last night worldwide to mixed reactions from the media and users alike.

Apple’s iPhone 5 is taller, 4G enabled and slimmer than the iPhone 4S.

The devices new size allows for a bigger display – 0.5 of an inch more screen, which is the same as an extra row of icons.

The company said it was 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the 4S.

The phone will work on the Everything Everywhere (EE) 4G LTE network in the UK. EE which runs local Orange and T-Mobile services will most likely have an advantage over the other networks for a lock out period, of until at least 2013.

“I think it’s obviously what the other networks feared would happen,” said Matthew Howett, a telecoms analyst at Ovum, speaking to the BBC.

The new screen offers a 16:9 ratio – the same dimensions of a widescreen television.

Phil Schiller – Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing, who unveiled the device – said existing Apps would be shown with black borders until developers updated their products.

The camera hasn’t changed – it remains an 8 megapixel model – which has also been of a lower spec that of the iPhones main competitors, Sony and LG.

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It will be sold in 3 size options, the 16GB, 32GB and the 64GB, the cost of a Pay As You Go 64GB iPhone are rumoured to be in excess of £600 as the range of new iPhones begins at £529 network free.

Many iPhone lovers have taken to social media networks to give their thoughts on the unveiling. Many fans have expressed disappointment with the lack of style change and lack of perceived technical advancement which has long been seen as the strength and strategy of Apple.

Twitter user @KalyanVarma Tweeted:

The iphone5 launch is probably one of the worst apple product launches. Hardly anything new and making big deal about useless UI tweaks.

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Whilst @gangue Tweeted:

Most of my tweets today will be dedicated to the awesome and magical iPhone 5. Love it or leave it.

Apple said the new iPhone would ship from the 21st September.

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