Those kilted yoga fitness gurus have got a massive fan base – but there is one questions that their supporters are keen to know…

Are they gay?

So the kilted pair first met doing a paper round 20 years ago – and the rest, as they say, is history…

But apparently the lads keep on getting one question over and over – are they gay (and together)

So watch the video – it’s a long one, but skip ahead to 11.35 for the big reveal, but not before disclosing that they are both family men with kids. But guys, if you’re hoping for a bit of a Scottish Brokeback Mountain love up, you’ll be disappointed…  The dynamic duo opens up, however about the homophobic internet trolls that live in their comment sections – before adding, “our sexual orientation shouldn’t come into it”.

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Too right – we’re not watching because you might be gay… we’re watching because you’re super hot and get naked… a lot.

Anyway watch the lads have a natter about life together (but not together… together)