A quarter of people would happily date a robot!

A survey has found that a quarter of people (aged 18-34) would be happy to date a robot. A New ComRes research published by FutureFest asked the public to imagine the world in 20 years in time – and apparently dating robots was on the cards.

Recent films depicting human-machine romances may soon become a reality; a quarter (26 per cent) of people in the UK said that they would happily date a robot – provided their android beau looked just like a real-life human being.

Meanwhile, half (50 per cent) of Brits who already use contactless bank cards say that they would be happy to have microchips implanted under their skin to open doors or log on at work, and a third (32 per cent) of all British adults believe that in fifty years’ time the sale of fizzy drinks to under-16s will be as tightly controlled as tobacco is today.

So who’s the hottest robot?

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This world will be brought to life and explored at FutureFest 2016. Taking place at London’s Tobacco Dock, 17-18 September 2016, this year’s event is programmed around four themes – Love, Play, Work and Thrive – with each curated by a specialist in the field.

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Lead curator of FutureFest 2013/2015 and curator of the Play theme at this year’s event, musician and writer Pat Kane (pictured), said:

“As humans, we are all born with our own in-built crystal ball about the future. It’s in our nature to have dreams and schemes about better and more exciting worlds to come. At this third FutureFest, alongside my new fellow curators, we’re exploring playful, sensual, emotional and working futures – using our usual mix of world-class speakers, startling new commissions and installations, and a whole range of opportunities for our super-smart audiences to get involved.”

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