Bear Icon and Model Chris Miklos has died in his sleep aged 40.

The Dallas Voice is reporting that the bear Icon and model Chris Miklos has died aged just 40. He had become a noted model for the bear community.

Chris Miklos reportedly died of a heart attack in Dallas, Texas on Saturday night, although these reports are unconfirmed.


At the time of his death Chris Miklos had been promoting a Kickstarter project for a 2015 calendar.

A statement from Mack Sturgis Studios says, ‘We here at Mack Sturgis Studio are devastated to have heard the news about Chris’s passing. Chris has basically been our Spokesmodel since he first walked into our studio 2 1/2 years ago…immediately inspiring us with his rugged good looks, charming personality, and adventurous willingness to help bring our visions to life. It is my sincere honor to have known him and to have had the opportunity to create the body of work we created together…from a beyond fantasy fireman to an image of masculine beauty encased in a shell of leather. Through Chris I found a direction for my Mack Sturgis vision and with the simplest of gestures he could project a beam of life through the lens of the camera, creating an image immediately representing the essence of male strength and valor. The beauty of his spirit and laugh perfectly mirrored what we all saw in the resulting images.’

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TheGayUK extends its condolences to Chris Miklo’s friends, family and fans.

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