What does asexual mean?

Asexuality is a term used to describe someone who doesn’t feel sexual attraction or desires. However, an asexual person can feel romantic feelings towards others.

Sometimes referred to as the Ace Community.

Asexuality is distinct from, and shouldn’t be confused with those who are celibate or being abstinent. This group of people may still have a sexual attraction but are choosing not to act on their urges.

We asked people who identified as asexual, what it means to them.


“It’s the lack of sexual attraction. The clear difference between aesthetic and romantic attraction is important. Asexuals don’t lack the capability of love. We just don’t need to press naked bodies against each other to express our love.

“Asexuality is a broad spectrum. Some are sex repulsed, others have sex because they enjoy the feeling. Similar to enjoying good food without being hungry. For others, it’s stress relief. It’s disconnected from one’s libido.”


For me its lack of sexual attraction (Asexual) and also lack of romantic attraction (Aromantic). I do experience attraction in other ways – aesthetic for example and I do like hugs. I’m able to form very deep friendships but feel nothing in a sexual or romantic way.

Broadest definition is the lack of experiencing sexual attraction. But the term was made to be appropriated, owned, developed and discarded according to one’s own needs. There is no one asexual experience or type of asexual person


A lack of sexual attraction


It’s when Sexuality is not directed to anyone or anything. <- that’s for asexuality, not for the asexual spectrum.

As with any definition of sexuality, what asexuality means to one person who defines as asexual may be entirely different to someone else’s definition.

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