The LGBT+ Conservatives have issued a statement on suggesting that MP David Davies was a c*nt.

The LGBT+ Conservatives have backtracked on a message about the MP, David Davies, after he tweeted that “Somebody possessing a penis & pair of testicles is definitely not a woman”.

In their initial response, the group Tweeted, “It’s clear that the T in his name stands for transphobe. It’s equally clear what the C stands for.”

The MP hit back saying that the group were being misogynistic and that he would report them to the party’s chairman, Brandon Lewis.


The LGBT+ Conservatives issued statement on Twitter saying that the first response was meant to be “light-hearted” and that it might have caused offence,

“On reflection, yesterday’s tweet at which was meant to be light-hearted, may have inadvertently caused offence. This wasn’t our intention. We’ll continue to express disagreements with David on issues, but will hold ourselves to higher standards in future”.