Boy George has described how in the early days of his career, his brothers would cross the street if they saw him coming.

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Boy George’s four brothers would apparently cross the road if they saw him coming down the street in the early days of his career. Speaking at a Q&A the iconic singer said that his appearance was enough to make his family members cross the road especially towards the end of the 70s.

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Explaining, Boy George said,

“My brothers used to cross the street when they saw me.

“When they saw me coming down the road they’d cross over.

“Unless they wanted something. Especially towards the end of the 70s when the makeup got really extreme.”


His look was so extreme that he joked he made old ladies “run back into their gardens”.

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In the late 70s and earlier 80s, along with Marilyn, the duo were the poster boys for the New Romantics movement. Boy George explained that when the scene first started there were so few people in that scene that you made friends with anyone who looked like a “freak”.

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Boy George said,

“At that time, the New Romantic scene was quite tiny, it was a scene with a massive ego.

“There was only 200 people at the most. So when you met other people that were like you, you tended to kind of befriend them. I just saw another freak and was like, “You’re going to be my friend,” it was kind of destined that we would end up friends.”

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