Here at THEGAYUK, our styling team love nothing more than scouting the globe to find you the latest and best products.

Here at THEGAYUK, our styling team love nothing more than scouting the globe to find you the latest and best products.

Whether that be grooming products, clothing or tech, we’ve got you covered. As part of our endeavour, we’ve decided to highlight one brand a month. To give you the low down and highlight some of our personal favourite products. This month it’s all about Greek underwear giant Modus Vivendi.


Founded in 1989 by Greek designer Christos Bibitsos, Modus Vivendi has been synonymous with high-quality menswear and particularly underwear ever since. With the launch of their online shop in 2005, the brand expanded into the international market and the world went crazy for Modus Vivendi.

Now a staple in every gay man’s closet. The brand’s provocative designs coupled with models such as Logan Moore, stand out from the crowd and are sure to be popular for years to come.

Product Range:

I know we’ve mentioned Modus Vivendi as an underwear giant but the brand does a lot more than making some of the world’s sexiest undies. With product ranges comprising of underwear, swimwear, gym wear and accessories, the brand is an all-rounder. With all designs being provocative, eye-catching and unique, they will definitely get you noticed for all the right reasons.

With the entire manufacturing process taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece in the company’s own factories and with locally sourced materials, the high standard of quality from this brand is ensured.


Translated from Latin, Modus Vivendi means a way of life and this is what the brand tries to embody. They want their designs to represent a lifestyle and that lifestyle is very simple, you do something because you love it. If you’ve ever owned a piece of Modus Vivendi, you’ll completely be able to relate here. You feel sexy, confident and empowered. You’re standing out but because you are being yourself and expressing yourself through their designs.

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This brand ethos definitely creates a friendly environment within the brand itself. Pornstar/model Logan Moore (Instagram) has worked quite often with the brand and we were lucky enough to ask him about his time modelling with them.

“Working with Modus Vivendi was so amazing, it felt like a welcome into the family and next to that the brand is awesome. The staff and owners are even more amazing. I was their first gay model and pornstar that they booked and I felt honoured.”


Our Picks:

  1. WOLF JOCKSTRAP (£25.35)


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