Speaking to PinkNews Brian Paddick has condemned the decision to ban UKIP LGBT from London’s pride event.

Originally Pride In London organisers had allowed the LGBT GROUP for UKIP to enter the parade in this year’s march, however following a backlash the board reversed their decision, citing “safety” concerns. The group’s spokesperson decried the decision saying it was “a sad day for diversity and freedom.”

Speaking to PinkNews, newly-appointed Lib Dem Home Affairs spokesman Lord Paddick condemned the move by the board by saying,


“After years of campaigning to be acknowledged and accepted by society, the last thing LGBTI people should be doing is excluding a group gays and lesbians from Pride that has a legal right to exist.

“The police and organisers should be facilitating their right to peacefully and safely participate, not using understandable hatred of UKIP as an excuse to ban them.”

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This week Lord Paddick confirmed to THEGAYUK that he was backing Tim Farron to replace Nick Clegg has the Lib Dem’s leader.

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