People Aren’t Happy About The British LGBT Awards

The British LGBT Awards are getting quite the bashing on Twitter.

CREDIT: ©-PopularImages-Depositphotos
CREDIT: ©-PopularImages-Depositphotos


#BoycottLGBTAwards is trending on Twitter in the UK and everyone is asking questions about the motives behind the awards after a number of “strange” choices for nominees were released by the awards.

Most people are angry about the Ally Award and the Global Icon Award.

The awards, which are hosted by Square Peg Media, dubbed (somehow) as the “gay oscars”, have run into trouble again, after last year the event was ‘marred’ by the attendance of Katie Hopkins, which the award’s hosts issued an apology for inviting the columnist.

They even asked her to leave – which seems very inclusive to us…

This controversy seems to surround the award’s choice of “allies” and icons, which include YouTuber Zoella, Zayn Malik and Hilary Clinton, with users asking why allies need an award at all.

The full “Ally” list include: Kim Cattral, Danny Dyer, Nigella Lawson, Brian May, Eddie Redmayne, James Sutton, Zoella, Holly Willoughby.



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Hillary Clinton is nominated for the “Global Icon” award along with Cher, Stephen Fry, Bette Midler and George Takei.

Zayn Malik was nominated in the simply named “Music Artist” despite the fact that Zayn has never come out as gay or bi. During an interview when asked about sexuality he said,

“Just be yourself. If that’s who you are, that’s who you are and don’t be afraid to be the person that you are.”

A source close to the awards said that the nominations were public choice.


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