It seems as though booze is getting the better of singer Kavana in the house after declaring Keith Chegwin a new enemy.

A drunken Kavana has declared war on two housemates, Keith Chegwin and Perez Hilton. In the Diary Room, after downing a cup of alcohol, Kavana tries to release a burp before describing the mood as “false as fu*k”. He then described Keith as lovely man “a one trick pony” and that Perez is playing a huge game, claiming, “when is the English public going to see that f*cking Perez is playing a f*cking game!”

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the Housemates discuss Kavana and his drinking. Keith and Alicia agree that he can be rude when he’s drunk, but Katie Hopkins observes that he has a calming effect on arguments in the house.

In the bedroom, Kavana remarks to Perez about Keith, “I’ve got a new enemy now, it’s not you, it’s him”, As Kavana speaks, Keith lies awake in bed and replies “I’m not your enemy” Kavana replies “Trust me you are, and you’ll see it tomorrow”.

During his time on the Big Reunion, Kavana had an explosive row with Adam Rickett, speaking about his outburst to TheGayUK Kavana said, “What they didn’t show on that particular day is that I had received some pretty bad news, my mum is poorly with Alzheimer’s. I had a very weak moment. I just hit the bottle, obviously, it was right in the middle of rehearsals and on camera.

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“My mum’s in a care home. It’s pretty tough because I can’t call her because it confuses her. So I’ve gone from speaking to my mum every day to just not speaking to her – maybe once a month, because it gets her very confused. She doesn’t understand who I am. It’s kind of hard, but it is what it is. When I do see her I make sure we have quality time.

“I have a tendency to self-sabotage, if something good is about to happen a part of me tries to sabotage it.”

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Celebrity Big Brother TX tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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