Channel 4’s controversial dating show Naked Attraction had naked trans and pansexual people strip off and people loved the inclusivity.


In a Naked Attraction first, trans and pansexual dating hopefuls were added to the naked panel. The show’s second season premiere featured self-identified pansexual Lizzy who came out after one year of university and says she is open to all genders saying, “I’m attracted to everyone”.

Speaking about being transgender, presenter Anna Richardson said,

“Transgender people identify with a different sex to the one they were assigned at birth. To bring their body in line with how they identify some take hormones to promote physical changes within their bodies.

“Of the estimated half a million transgender people in the UK, only a third have gender confirmation surgery where their sexual organs are altered”.

Lizzy had six of naked people to choose from including two trans people.

Naturally, the good people of Twitter had a lot to say about the programme, but the representation of trans people was generally appreciated, with some pointing out that trans representation on mainstream television was poor and that Naked Attraction’s approach deserved kudos.


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Watch the entire episode on All4.

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