The chilling recorded phone calls between the Pulse massacre shooter and the Orlando police department have been released.


*THEGAYUK has made the editorial decision not to publish the Pulse massacre shooter by name.


A number of calls between the Pulse massacre shooter* and police dispatchers have been released today which reveal how calm and even-toned the shooter was during the siege which lasted over three hours in the earlier morning of 12th June 2016.

As the calls continued the shooter became more and more threatening and complained of the number of calls he was receiving by law enforcement, as the night of terror in Orlando unfolded.

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Transcripts of the calls have already been released, but this is the first time the public can hear the audio.

Before he was killed, the shooter, used his calls to the negotiators to claim that the attack was the work of the Islamic State and used his conversations to warn the authorities that he booby-trapped the area surrounding the Pulse nightclub with bombs.

He also warned that in the days after his attack for America to expect more attacks, similar to his.


The recordings were made public after Judge Margaret H. Schreiber of the Circuit Court ruled in a case brought by The New York Times and other news organisations that the recordings should be made public.

The Judge will decide whether over 200 other calls from victims inside the club will be made available at a later date.

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The pulse massacre was the worst gun attack in American history and the worst atrocity visited on the LGBT community since the Second World War. Forty-nine people were killed and a further 53 people were injured as the shooter rampaged through the club.



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