Chris Brown allegedly punches and hurls a gay slur at man in Washington DC.

The singer Chris Brown has been arrested, after a man was punched in the face in an attacked that the victim is calling ‘homophobic’.

Entertainment website TMZ reports that both Brown and a bodyguard were arrested and charged with assault.

The alleged incident happened outside the W hotel in Washington DC as Brown was having his picture taken with two women, when two men tried to get in on the act.

The victim reports that Brown said:

‘I’m not into this gay sh*t, I’m into boxing,’

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Brown then apparently punched the man in the face who was taken to hospital for his injuries that included a broken nose, which he may need surgery for.

TMZ reports that the alleged victim didn’t understand why Brown was ‘so homophobic’. The unnamed man has already hired a lawyer.

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The singer’s team has denied the allegations, suggesting that the man was trying to board Brown’s bus and that the singer was trying to stop him.

In a ‘worst case scenario’ TMZ reports that because Brown is still on probation for beating Rhianna in 2009, this latest incident could see him behind bars for up to 4 years for ‘violating his probation’

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