The Internet star Chris Crocker has revealed that he's got a lot of subscribers on his OnlyFans account.

The Internet star Chris Crocker has revealed that he’s got a lot of subscribers on his OnlyFans account.

The “Leave Britney Alone” star, Chris Crocker, has revealed that he has nearly 4000 subscribers on his OnlyFans account which he is charging $15 (£11.65) per month to access. By our calculations at 4000 subscribers, Chris could be clearing $60,000 (£46,602) a month – minus admin and processing fees and applicable taxes.



The star currently has 46 videos and 179 photos posted to his page. Chris posts videos of himself performing with other well-known adult stars including Cliff Jensen, Matthew Camp and Austin Wolf.

Chris first made the move into adult entertainment when he appeared in a Maverick Men film in 2012 and then in 2014 Lucas Entertainment released the film, Chris Crocker’s Raw Love.

Taking to Twitter to announce his milestone, the star said that he was “so grateful” and posted a quick video!

Fans were quick to congratulate him on the incredible numbers with one replying “That’s a lot of f**king money” while another added, “Daaaaamn! Now that’s a star”.

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Making money from Porn

We recently ran a poll asking if people should be paying for porn, staggeringly, only 17 percent of those who answered said they’d be happy to pay for porn. 83 percent said that porn should be free. OnlyFans is one of the ways that stars, like Chris, who have large followings can turn their art into money.

Speaking to THEGAYUK about how performers were able to make money from porn Chris Crocker said, “I think because now Porn is so intimate: With sites like OnlyFans, where you can direct message, see your favorite performers Live Stream & interact with the audience: Porn used to be solely voyeurism for the audiences paying for it. Performers are seeing they’re making money again because now Porn is more personable. And as a result: It is Porn for THE PEOPLE. When audiences can interact: they pay”.

Porn stars’ self-esteem?

He also recently slammed critics who said that porn stars have low self-esteem. In a Tweet on the 10th Feb 2019, he wrote,

“If you think I have a lack of “self-worth” because I do Porn I want to know good & damn well what kind of worth your boyfriend or husband has when he’s watching it. All men do. You’re no better than the bitch on the other side of the screen he’s watching.”

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and then released a video captioned, You. Are. Not. “Better Than” Porn Stars, which was watched over 100,000 times.

See his 4000 subscriber announcement video here (NSFW)

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