A writer at a Christian Ministry has claimed that Tom Daley was “seduced” by an older man, Dustin Lance Black, after the death of the diver’s father.

CREDIT: S Buckley / Bigstick
CREDIT: S Buckley / Bigstick


An article posted on the religious ministry, Christian Voice’s website has claimed that diver Tom Daley was “seduced into sodomy” after the death of his father.


The article by Stephen Green argues, a “degree in psychology” isn’t needed to work out why Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black are engaged to be married.

“Tom Daley, he was seduced into sodomy by an older man, not very long after the untimely death of his beloved father.  You don’t need a degree in psychology to work out what’s going on there.”

The pair have been together for three years and announced their plans to get married late last year.

The author was hitting back after his “provocative tweets” about Tom’s performance at this year’s Olympics where he commented that Tom “becoming” gay not helping his diving, led to a surge of traffic to the Christian Voice website.



Mr Green claims that Daley could repent  – and “walk away from the homosexual lifestyle” a journey which Mr Green describes as having been done many times.

“Becoming gay might or might not be a choice.  Staying gay definitely is.  And who knows, by transforming his mind”


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The writer also claims that gay people were “hurt” by Tom’s failure to achieve medalist status in his solo event at this year’s Olympics.

“The ‘gays’ are very proud of Daley, his failure has hurt them and any criticism of him as a homosexual is beyond the gay pale.”

Tom Daley did managed to achieve Bronze with his diving partner Dan Goodfellow in the synchronized diving event.

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