The Seventh Day Adventist Church is planning to bring a seminar to London that is aimed at people who have “struggled” with same-sex attraction.

According to the advert, three people Mike Carducci, Wayne Blakely and Danielle Harrison have found “redemption, victory, healing and freedom from their lifestyle.” and want to talk to members of the public about their “struggles” with homosexuality.

The advert also claims,

“This conference will be invaluable for those who are struggling with their sexuality or for those who wish to find out more about issues surrounding sexuality and same sex attraction to reach out to others.”


GayStarNews has called the free event, called Holy Sexuality Conference a “gay cure summit”.

Speaking in a video Carducci spoke about how God had anointed him to start a ministry called Exceed, which stands for “Excellence in Christ through evangelism for the erotically defiled.”


Speaking to GSN one of organisers of the event, said Anamaria, “These three people have overcome what many people are still struggling with, the people who felt so unloved. For them, they have moved out of this lifestyle and embraced Christianity,’ she said.

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“It’s like committing adultery. This conference will teach homosexuals how to overcome similar habits.”

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