Cornwall Pride organisers baked nekkid for charity


Husbands Matthew and Nathaniel Kenworthy-Gomes went nude (almost) on a marathon baking session on Facebook live yesterday night to raise money for Cornwall Hospice Care.

The hunky duo, who are usually behind the scenes preparing to stage Cornwall’s only Pride, garnered thousands of viewers and hundreds of comments and likes from friends and fans who cheered the couple on as they attempted to cook the perfect cake.

The plan was to go completely nude, but anyone who knows about Facebook’s nudity policy will know the pair would have been knocked off the platform very quickly if they had actually bared butt.

However there was still plenty on show for thirsty fans of the couple.

Matthew and Nathaniel, who run Cornwall Pride are trying to raise £1000 for the Cornwall Hospice Care (click here to donate) and currently have raised nearly a third of their target.


The husbands swigged multiple glasses of red and white wine during the epic three-hour session and were even joined by Matthew’s mum, who chinked glasses with the pair.

The hilarious antics are available to catch up with on Facebook. Take a look and get donating, if you can!

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Watch the video here:

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