Cucumbers + Bananas + Tofu = A Recipe For Success

17th December 2014 0 By News Desk

15 years ago Russell T Davies set our television screens alight with his groundbreaking series Queer As Folk that was so successful that the Americans copied it.

Now this award-winning openly gay writer is back an about to explode on our screens with not one but three series for three different channels.

CUCUMBER an original drama series follows 46-year-old Henry and his long-term boyfriend Lance in the aftermath of “the worst date night in history” and will air on Channel 4. BANANAS which will be on E4, will tell standalone stories by up-and-coming talent that cover – wait for it – “fifty shades of gay”.

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TOFU meanwhile, is an online documentary series about sex and sexuality and will be screened on 4oD.


Here’s the first clip that has just been released and suddenly staying in during January looks a whole lot brighter