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Dale Winton has fallen for Donald Trump, explaining that he feels “compassion” for the Republican Presidential candidate.

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Donald Trump, it seems has an unlikely fan in the form of the openly gay TV presenter Dale Winton. Mr Winton gushed about the Republican presidential candidate in an opinion piece for the Conservative Woman, explaining that he felt “compassion” for Mr. Trump and that he had the stalwart TV presenter’s attention even before he had uttered a word.


The Mirror reports that the former Supermarket Sweep presenter admitted that he is a “closet fan” of American politics and said that the article was his “coming out article”.

The 61-year-old presenter also hinted that he empathised with the multi-billionnaire businessman over the criticism of his tan. Mr Winton said,

“As one who has spent his entire professional life being ridiculed for my ‘fluorescent tanned complexion’, I felt compassion for the man before he even uttered a single word.”

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Dale Winton also said that he thought that Mr Trump was “truly authentic” and “fearless” and praised his battle against political correctness.

Speaking about his admiration for Trump he said,

“For sure he’s unruly, coarse and extreme, but he’s got a rare quality for someone in politics. He is truly authentic. Is it because he cares and he’s supported by a wonderful family including two ex-wives?”

Winton, who came out as gay in 2002 in his autobiography also heaped praise on the anti-gay republican commentator Pat Buchanan, who said in 1983 that gay people, “declared war upon nature, and now nature is extracting an awful retribution.”

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He also cited Charles Krauthammer who said that same-sex marriage was “a huge loss for democracy”, as one of the commentators who kept his sanity in the last four years of Obama’s presidency.

He justified his affection for Trump saying,

“Maybe it’s because I’m a quiz show host and I’m watching the ultimate game show? The contestants from both parties are fighting to the bitter end in the hope of winning four to eight years in the White House?”

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