Renowned fashion designer Marco Morante gave Kim Davis centre stage at the showing of his Spring 2016 collection, well sort of.

Morante raised eyebrows and smiles by wearing a simple black t-shirt with a picture of Kim Davis on it at the exhibition of his 2016 spring fashion show.

However the picture had been doctored and someone added a big black dildo, complete with massive balls to the picture, making it look like the anti-gay marriage Rowan County clerk is celebrating the power of sex toys.

The clerk, who has married four times, holds a strong religious belief that same-sex couples should not be afforded marriage licenses, despite it being the law of the land, and has stated that she should be exempt from discharging that part of her job. She spent 6 days in jail because of her refusal to sign or give out licenses to gay couples last month.

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During his recent trip to the United States, the Pope allegedly, according to Ms. Davis’ lawyer met with her and “thanked” her for her courage and told her to “keep strong”.