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Doctor Who introduces a gay character and kills him off in 30 seconds

The BBC show, Doctor Who managed to kill off a gay character in record time.


On New Year’s Day fans of the Sci-fi drama Doctor Who were treated to a brand new LGBT+ character, named Richard, however his fate was sealed the moment he appeared on the screen and he died within 30 seconds.

Actor Connor Calland who played the character named “Richard” in the credits had just a few lines before his character was killed off just seconds after revealing that he had a boyfriend, with a strange sexualised revelation about his “secure digits”.


He said, “Today, just me. Most secure digits in Yorkshire. That’s what I tell my boyfriend, anyway. I probably shouldn’t be telling you that, I’m new at this.”

“Richard” was a minor character who was interacting with a Dalek-controlled Lin who was attempting to gain access to a building.


The actor himself quipped about the brevity of his scene, but added “Small steps, big moves! Bring on 2019”.


Killing off the gays

Twitter users were quick to point out that Doctor Who had a disturbing history of killing off its LGBT+ characters. PinkNews reports One user noticed, “Am I the only that has noticed if you are openly gay in this series of #DoctorWho, you are gonna be dead within ten minutes? The security guard tonight, Frankie in Arachnids and Alfonso in Witchfind”.


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