Winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Violet Chachki has slammed the French after being physically dragged from a sex nightclub in Paris.

The winner of RPDR Season 7 took to Twitter to slam the Le Depot nightclub in Paris, for physically dragging the winner out of the club for not being masculine enough. The DQ, who has 162,000 followers on Twitter, tweeted her alleged assault in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Taking to Twitter Chachki wrote,“I was just physically dragged out of le depot in Paris for not being masc presenting enough, I’m shocked and disgusted. F**k the French.”

The entertainer also uploaded a video of the incident.

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Later the Drag Queen spoke to dating app, Hornet to give more details, saying,

“It was a fashion week party. At a club that has dark rooms downstairs for sex. I was there seeing 3 friends that were performing/dj. I wasn’t in drag but I had makeup on. I met someone there who also had makeup on but was obviously male bodied but very feminine. We tried to go downstairs to the sexy part when like 4 guys picked us up and dragged us out of the club.”

Naturally, the incident did not go down well with the Season 7 winner’s fans, who blasted the club with messages over the treatment of Chachki, flooding the club’s Facebook page with messages of disapproval. The club itself now has over 3.5k one-star reviews on its Facebook page.

Chacki, later withdrew the “f**k the French” comment, saying, “Obviously I love the French and I love Paris. There’s (sic) good and bad people everywhere. I was upset- and rightfully so. What a drama. Over it”

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