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This month’s issue was edited by our very own Christmas elf…

CREDIT: DotComGiftShop
CREDIT: DotComGiftShop

My doesn’t 12 months fly by. It seems only yesterday I was unleashed from the tinsel box to edit last year’s festive issue, and now here I am again listening to Radio Christmas for 16 hours a day while it’s still 15 degrees outside, and wondering if I’ll ever see another Christmas in London, post-Brexit, when I’m deported back up north to the Wirral where it’s traditional on a Christmas Eve to get lashed in the local till “lasties” then head to church for the midnight carol service, because that’s the only place still serving sweet wine. I still ponder to this day where they buy it from as I’ve searched supermarkets and websites alike for ‘Blood O’ Christ’ Malbec with little success.

But panic not, we’re still part of the European Union (for two years), Obama is still President of the United States (for two months), and I’ve been sober whilst cobbling this rosie nosed Rudolph of an issue together (for two minutes). We took X Factor’s Danyl Johnson down to the woods for our winter shoot, which he totally sleighed… Michelle Visage popped in for a mince pie and to show off her Christmas Puddings… Gogglebox’s Chris Steed wrote us a letter to tell us he’s been a good boy this year and for Christmas, he wants to lick Theresa May. Oh, and we get deep into the stockings of Big Brother’s Sam Giffen to find his nuts but instead get a handful of Tina Turner, Whitney Houston and ten burgers.

If you’ve been wondering, “just what on Earth do I buy those lovely boys at THEGAYUK this Christmas, to thank them for all their hard work this year in providing such a fab mag and website that’s free to read (and doesn’t cost you the same as a Christmas Lunch, like some other publications do…)” Well, if you were thinking that, then the team have searched the nation’s high streets, sat on every Santa’s lap (in fact some didn’t come back for weeks) and called every elf hotline to bring you the biggest and brightest 2016 TGUK Gift Guide to suit every budget.

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We’ve some winter treats from Jordan’s new book, Food For Friends, and a scrummy eggnog recipe from one of London’s hottest mixologists Alex Fakinos. As well as our usual favs the dilemma page – Am I good enough for my two boyfriends, sex health – Am I big enough? and Aunty’s in a rather festive mood… or pissed more likely!

So from myself and all the team at THEGAYUK including our fabulous contributors from all over the UK and Monty our photographer who gives so much… (If you believe his Growlr profile!) We wish you all a very fabulous festive season and may 2017 be positive, considerate, funny, enjoyable, emotional, warming… and not be the complete political and social f*** up being forecast!

Love, Graham. xx

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