★★★★★ | Kerri Watt: Whos Loving Me Now

This woman is amazing! You’ve been warned! Part Adele, part K T Tunstall – soulful voice, thoughtful lyrics = one musician you really need to watch out for.

Her current EP combines 3 tracks that showcase her talents – and these are multitudinous! Always wanted to use that word in a review! And it ain’t hyperbole – she’s one to watch.

Her current offering of “Who’s Lovin’ Me Now” has 3 delicious tracks on it:

Who’s Lovin’ Me Now?
Pirate Man
So Crazy

Let’s start with Who’s Lovin’ Me Now? Starts slow and low and builds terrifically, capturing you as it rolls – love it, the lyrics are perfect and her voice soars – the beat drags you along and you can’t help tapping your foot to this one! Listen to those lyrics – they tug your heart strings but sing to everyone of us who’ve loved and lost.

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Pirate Man changes tempo and showcases the lyrics and her voice to perfection. This is a soulful number, with lyrics that paint wonderful pictures in your head – this is a taste of the blues, great guitar riffs and a voice that cuts through to your heart!

The final track on this EP is So Crazy and the one that most reminds me of Adele and her style. This song belies her tender years – the sign of a great talent!

She cites her influences as Sheryl Crow and Katy Perry, and Freddie Mercury to the Stone – and after hearing this EP, I see what she means! There’s pop, there’s anthems, there’s soul searching lyrics and soaring themes!

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Kerri is truly one to watch, please, if you can, download and listen – she’s so worth it! Can’t wait to see what she’s like live! Keep an eye out for live dates!

Out on 29th September

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