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Eurovision Drinking Game

TheGayUK Drinking Game

Eurovision 2016

This is a very easy game all you need is booze.

Take a large swig if:

* Graham Norton makes fun of another country’s ID (the vignettes before they start)

* Graham Norton mentions political voting or anything to do with strategic voting.

* Graham Norton says ‘Fabulous’

* There is a key-change in the song


* If the song is not sung in English

* If the hosts of the show speak in rhyme, sing or gaze into each other’s eyes * Any costume change

* UK gets No Points


* If someone in the room mentions Terry Wogan


Drain your glass if:

* The hosts kiss

* If anyone is the colour of orange

* An act drops to their knees mid song


* If the winner cries

* If France gives UK more than 4 points


Drain A Bottle

* UK wins


TheGayUK will be live blogging and Tweeting throughout the contest. We’ll be using the Hashtag #GayUKEurovision

**Disclaimer: Please drink responsibly. You play this game at your own risk.


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