Two editors resigned today after the site’s managing partner Nick Denton removed an article that alleged that a Conde Nast exec was paying to see a gay porn star.

Gawker Media Executive Editor Tommy Craggs and editor-in-chief Max Read have both resigned citing the removal of a post that many have claimed was the “gay shaming” outing of a Conde Nast exec, who allegedly organised a meeting with a gay porn star.

In a statement released to staff Cragg wrote:

“On Friday, I told my fellow managing partners—Nick Denton, founder and CEO; Heather Dietrick, president; Andrew Gorenstein, president of advertising and partnerships; Scott Kidder, chief operating officer; and Erin Pettigrew, chief strategy officer—I would have to resign if they voted to remove a story I’d edited and approved. The article, about the Condé Nast CFO’s futile effort to secure a remote assignation with a pricey escort, had become radioactive. Advertisers such as Discover and BFGoodrich were either putting holds on their campaigns or pulling out entirely.

“(This isn’t the place to debate the merits of that story, other than to say that I stand by the post. Whatever faults it might have belong to me, and all the public opprobrium being directed at Jordan Sargent, a terrific reporter, should come my way instead.)”


The article was slammed on social media after its publication on the 17th July. The openly gay site founder Nick Denton express regret in publishing the piece, which included pictures and text exchanges reported to between David Geithener and the unnamed gay porn star.

Geithener denies knowing the gay porn star.


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